This document describes day-to-day concerns you might face with your server, and how to handle them.

Admin menu

There's a (rough) admin menu available with the F2 key that miscellaneous tooling such as switching to an admin pawn that allows you to fly around, try the "scanner option".


Toggle Y to yeet yourself by increasing max movement speed (start sprinting) and ignoring fall damage.

Player stuck

Use the player overview (accessible through the status menu with the tab key) to teleport the player to you, or you to them. You can switch into an admin pawn through the F4 key that will allow you to fly. Try the "scanner" option.


The game has a large amount of commands available for debugging and server management. Press F1 to open the console. There are too many commands available to list here, but here's a few crucial ones to find and understand them:

  1. ls - Lists all commands
  2. man [command] - Prints a description of the command you're targeting, so you can figure out how to use it. E.g.: "man".


Both the player overview (accessible through the status menu with the tab key), as well as the console have ways for you to ban/kick a user. Alternatively, you can also edit the server config (Privileges.json).